PowWow opening screen
Adventures of Pow Wow is a animated series in which a young Indian (Native American) boy protects the forests. The series was produced by Tempe-Toons, and originally aired 88 episodes from January 30, 1949 to March 13, 1949. The show would latter become part of Captain Kangaroo show from 1956, to 1958.


The Show focuses on young Indian boy Pow Wow, the tribe's medicine man, and an Indian girl who is a friend of Pow Wows'. The show is centered on Pow Wow's discovery of an animal, hurt or otherwise, and his attempts to protect the forest and wildlife from various threats. When Pow Wow needs help in these missions, he seeks counsel from the wise medicine man.


Pow Wow


88 Episodes

  • Pow Wow and the Hungry Frog
  • Pow Wow and the Grasshopper
  • All's Well That Ends Well
  • Ruffy Rabbit and His Lucky Foot
  • The Snowshoe Rabbit
  • Sleepy Head
  • Pow Wow and His Lucky Duck
  • Pow Wow Builds a Canoe
  • The Beaver Boys
  • The Little Builders
  • Playin' Possum
  • The Bad Egg
  • The Magic Spigot
  • Why Burly Bear Likes Honey
  • The Magic Powder
  • Pow Wow Gets Even
  • The Giant Crow
  • Pow Wow in Bear Trouble
  • Kangaroo Mouse
  • Pow Wow's Picnic
  • The Beginning of the Fire
  • How the Bear Got a Short Tail
  • How the Fox Got His White-Tipped Tail
  • Pow Wow and the Shooting Star
  • Pow Wow and the Stork
  • Percy Pelican's Fish Dinner
  • Pow Wow and the Lil' Medicine Man
  • The Baby Sitter
  • How Ruffy Rabbit Got His Hop
  • The Tail of a Tornado
  • Pow Wow and the Junior Medicine Man
  • Turtle Trouble
  • Pow Wow and the Magic Moccasins
  • Pow Wow and the Duck Hunter
  • The Flying Saucer
  • The Pogo Stick
  • Pow Wow in Frog Jumping
  • The Treasure Hunt
  • The Eagle Feathers
  • Don't Fence Me In
  • The Vagabond Mouse
  • Burro'ing Trouble
  • Pow Wow's Day of Labor

Theme SongEdit

Pow Wow, the Indian boy,

Loved all the animals and the woods;

Pow Wow, the Indian boy,

Loved all the animals and the woods;

Pow Wow was a friend

Of all the animals in the woods;

If there was any trouble,

He would help them if he could;

If Pow Wow couldn't help them,

He would go to the Medicine Man,

And he would tell them stories

Just how it all began,

All began, all began. . . .



Broadcast HistoryEdit

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