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Atlantis: The Lost Empire is a 2001 animated film created by Walt Disney Feature Animation that made $186 million world wide (86 million in North America alone).



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Atlantean LanguageEdit

Linguist Marc Okrand was hired to create the language of Atlantis in the film. A language that could act as a universal mother tounge. Okrand created a language with it's own grammer that was highly agglutinative; inspired by North American, and Sumarian languages.


Controversy Over Similiarities to Other WorksEdit


Milo form ATLE compared to Jean from NTSOBW

Prior to and following the film's release, a number of viewers noted similarities between the film to a popular 1990's Japanese animated television series called Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water. These include seemingly identical character designs, story flow, and background settings (Hero is caught up in a quest to find Atlantis. Falls in love with exotic native, who is the Heroine. Heroine's blue cyrstal pendent activates to save Atlantis, and thus she merges with the power source). Co-director Kirk Wise noted that, even though he and co-director Gary Trousdale were anime fans, they were not aware or even heard of Nadia during production of Atlantis. The controversy involving similarities between a Disney film and an anime series was not new to producer Don Hahn, who produced The Lion King which was accused of ripping off Kimba the White Lion.

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