A Saturday-Morning cartoon is an animated television program usually scheduled on Saturday-Morning in the United States. These shows were programs for broadcast when the school week had ended, and children were home rather then at school. Saturday-Morning cartoons hit their peek in popularity during the 1960s, but their popularity declined in the 2000s thanks to the internet providing 24 hour access to cartoons. Cable networks continue to broadcast these shows inorder to meet the Education-Information Children's Programing Mandates of the United States, which requires that at least three hous of broadcast each week be educational, and informative in order for a station to keep it's licience to broadcast. As many of these shows have themes of morality, or are in some way stimulating to the mind, they are considered informative by US law. Any animated television program that broadcasts from 8 a.m. to Noon EST is generally considered a Saturday-Morning Cartoon.

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