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Earthworm Jim is a surreal animated series based on the video games of the same name. It ran two seasons from September 9, 1995 to December 13, 1996.


Jim was just an Earthworm until a supersuit fell upon him, transforming this common invertibret into a SUPERHERO! It's up to Jim to keep the Earth safe from such fiends as Phsy-crow, and other galactic EVILDOERS!


Main Characters

Earthworm Jim - The title character, Jim is a silightly dimwited character with a southern personality. He is dedicated to his role as a Superhero, tending to melodramatic.

Peter Puppy - Jim's sidekick, Peter is an intellegent, and morally minded canine who gives hero advice to Jim. He accompanies Jim on his adventures lending his wit in the duos crusade for niceness. The only downside to his company is a curse [1] that turns him into a monster when he is physically, or emotionally hurt.


Season One

  1. Sidekicked : After Peter botchs one of their adventures by turning to a monster, Jim begins looking for a new sidekick. : September 9, 1995
  2. The Book of Doom : Due to a printing error Jim's favorite pop-up book contains the secret to universal distruction, which Evil the Cat seeks. : September 16, 1995

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