Mighty Mouse: The New Adventures as a 1980s revival of the (1942 -1950) Mighty Mouse character. The show was produced by Bakshi-Hyde Ventures, and aired on CBS as a Saturday-Morning cartoon from November 22, 1987 to October 22, 1988 after two seasons airing 19 episodes.


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Mighty Mouse

Pearl Pureheart


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Mighty Mouse: The New Adventures some times crossed controversal lines. In “Mighty’s Wedlock Whimsy”, it’s hinted that peripheral male characters Gandy Goose and Sourpuss are showering together, and—in a dream sequence— that Pearl Pureheart has a lovechild with Mighty Mouse’s unhinged nemesis The Cow.

The controversy peeked following the removal, and re-addition of a scene is which the Rich Man crushes a flower a girl had sold Mighty Mouse. Mighty Mouse recieves the remains of the flower, and holding out whats left of it thinks fondly of the girl, and smelling the remains, ends up inhaling the dust.

Mighty Mouse-The Littlest Tramp-Controversy
On June 6, 1988 Donald Wildmon of the American Family Assoications accused the show of portraying cocaine use. Bakshi defended the episode, saying, "I despise drugs. I would be out of my mind to show a cartoon character snorting cocaine in a cartoon." he went on to state that Wildmon had taken the scene out of context. "Mighty Mouse was happy after smelling the flowers because it helped him remember the little girl who sold it to him fondly. But even if you're right, their accusations become part of the air we breathe. That's why I cut the scene. I can't have children wondering if Mighty Mouse is using cocaine." [1] The scene had been removed from the Master Reel. Wildmon saw this as conformation of cocaine use, while Bakshi insisted it was removed so children didn't believe what Wildmon was saying about Mighty Mouse was true.

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