Oswald the Lucky Rabbit was a series of shorts featuring a rabbit of the same name. Oswald was one of Walt Disney's early funny animal characters, and latter would develop into Mickey Mouse. This page focuses on Oswald's 1927-43 shorts.



Early DisneyEdit



  • Farancine "Fanny" Cottentales - Fanny is Oswald's love interest during the time of the first six shorts. Her last appearance was in All Wet. By that point she had gone from conservative, and cute to sultry, and flirtatous.
  • Ortensia "Kitty" - Refered to as Sadie during production of the original Disney Shorts, Ortensia is an anthromorphic cat, and Oswald's love interest who replaces Fanny the Rabbit following All Wet. She first appears in the Banker's Daughter. She is thus far the oldest Disney character still in use to this this day, surpassing Minnie by a year.
  • Oswald the Lucky Rabbit - The Title Character. Oswald is a constructive rabbit who always seems to get into trouble, and always escape using his wits, and a little luck. Oswald is the first cartoon character to have a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Latter appearancesEdit

The intellectual property rights to Oswald were recently purchased by the Walt Disney company with intention of reviving the character. Oswald made his revived appearance as a character of the Wasteland in Disney's Epic Mickey video game in 2010. His metaphysical plot paralleling his real world history.