Out of the Inkwell is a short in the Betty Boop series. It was directed by Dave Fleischer, produced by Max Fleischer, and was a tribute to the Out of the Inkwell series of the silent era. It was distributed by Paramount Pictures, and released on April 22, 1938. The short runs for seven minutes.


A Black janitor studies hypnotism from a book while cleaning Max Fleischer's desk at the Fleischer studio. He manages to conjure Max's pen into drawing Betty Boop. He uses his new powers to control Betty Boop. She in turn is able to control a small dog. After coming out of the janitor's spell, Betty manages to work a few more spells of her own. One of which turns the Black man white for a split-second, after which he begins cleaning in overdrive. Before that, he was sleeping on his broom, and sweeping dirt under the carpet. At the end, Betty Boop leaps into an inkwell.