The archie show
The Archie Show is an animated series produced by Filmation, and based on the Archie Comic books, created by Bob Montana in the year 1941. The Archie Show is the first Saturday-Morning Cartoon to have a laugh track, a feature that would be used widely till the 1980s, with Gilligan's Planet being the last to feature a Laugh Track. The show debuted on CBS on September 14, 1968 and would run till August 30, 1969.


The show revolves around 17 year old Archie Andrews, and his teenage friends from Riverdale High School. The friends have their own pop rock band, known as the Archie's.


Archie Andrews

Betty Cooper

Jughead Jones

Reggie Mantle

Verronica Lodge


17 half hour episodes containing two segments of around 11 minutes each.

Related SeriesEdit

Sabrina the Teenage Witch is a spin-off series of the Archie Show. This coincedently makes the Archie Show related to the Groovie Goolies, which was a spin-off of Sabrina the Teenage Witch.


One of the shows songs; Sugar, Sugar by Jeff Barry, and Andy Kim became a real life hit in 1969.

Broadcast HistoryEdit

CBS (September 14, 1968 to August 30, 1969)