The Dukes
The Dukes is an animated TV show based on the live action series; The Dukes of Hazzard. The Dukes aired twenty episodes on CBS from Febuary 5, 1983 to September 29 of the same year.


The Duke boys, and cousin Daisy, enter a race around the world in order to win prize money that would be used to keep the family from loosing the farm to foreclosure. However, Boss Hogg wants the money and the land for himself so he alongside Rosco and Flash plan various schemes to keep the Dukes from winning. Most of the adventures are read from a post card by Uncle Jesse Duke to his pet raccoon Smokey.


The series came out during a time when the actors playing Bo, and Luke Duke walked out of the deal for the show following a conflict involving royalties. Thus the first season features Coy, and Vance Duke (since Bo, and Luke Duke in the Live Action show are constantly on probation, and thus unable to leave Georgia, let alone the United States of America). The 2nd season ignors this, placing Bo, and Luke Duke in the driver's seat with little if any explaination.

  • Bo Duke - Luke's brother.
  • Boss Hogg
  • Coy Duke
  • Daisy Duke
  • Flash
  • Smokey - Jessie's pet racoon.
  • Rosco
  • Uncle Jesse
  • Vance Duke


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